Upcoming fall trends for 2017 is what you will hear around you these days. No matter how much you prepare yourself for the fall season, in Pakistan you would always experience the season last for about a month. Fall fashion is something we all love to follow – Why? Because obviously that’s the thing all the cool kids are doing these days.

So if you’re ready to go with the flow, then let us introduce you to a few things you need to keep an eye on to follow the fall 2017 trends:

Upcoming fall trends

Get Your Hands on Cambric:

Now the first thing to do these days is to get the fabric that is totally in these days, cambric. No, we won’t break down the components of the fabric to bore you into knowing what it is made of. Khaadi, Cross Stitch and so many other local brands have launched their collections making use of this fabric. The major benefit that cambric gives us is the diversity it offers. Since the fabric is just the perfect blend of thick and thin, it can be worn during the fall as well as the winter season. You can cover yourself in a pretty pashmina shawl or a thin layered sweater and you’d be good to go!

The Right Makeup:

We know how hard it is for a girl to keep on purchasing makeup that is always up to date. The easy way to beat the fall 2017 trends is by getting products that can work in both fall and winter. We all know how everyone loves to go dark and bold when it comes to lipsticks fall fashion. According to the upcoming fall trends, stock up your makeup collection with darker shades of brown, red and even get a few nudes. If you think you’re tight on budget then try getting dupes of Huda Beauty lipsticks, or a few of those Kylie lip kits on sale or duplicate ones. Trendy and affordable, right?

Latest Fashion Trends:

There was a tremendous marketing campaign running all over social media and on billboards, WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, word of mouth and through so many other resources that Khaadi is launching their store at Packages Mall with a blast by offering FLAT 30% off on entire stock for 38 hours. The internet was flooded with hashtags supporting the sale: #PackagesMall #Khaadi38HourSale and what not! Clever idea to drive foot traffic and that too on a weekend. When we went to check the sale out in person, there was an inexcusably long queue of people waiting to barge into the store and grab their favorite items on sale.

We must add that they had controlled the thrilled shoppers in a very pleasant manner. However, the overwhelmed audience was in such a huge number that they had to make proper queues of the people who even wanted to exit. When people found out that they had to stand in a queue even when they had to leave the store with or without buying anything, their reaction was something like this: “Haaye kidhar phas gaye. Chalo 1 2 suit he lay letay hain.” – True story bro.

But the story doesn’t end here! The upcoming fall trends has it that in Pakistan, specifically, when the brands notice that there is going to be potential foot traffic in their area, they are bound to put up a sale to attract audience to their stores as well. Below we are sharing pictures of the brands that had put up a sale in accordance with Khaadi to generate their sales as well. Laxmi ati hai tou anay do!

Upcoming fall trends
Such a decent crowd!
Upcoming fall trends
Decently lined up! This is completely unlike us Pakistanis.
Upcoming fall trends
Nice try Levi’s.. Trying to steal Khaadi’s thunder?
Upcoming fall trends
OPTP stepping in with their A Game! Those garlic mayo fries ain’t gonna sell themselves!
Upcoming fall trends
Looks like Mocca was looking for a Moqa! (Sasta pun intended)

For more updates on the Fashion World, stay tuned to our blog! 🙂

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