Trending women’s accessories

Trending women’s accessories are the dream of every woman. Do you feel as though you’re falling behind on fashion? Or are you unsure about what look you can pull off best? Well, ladies, don’t fret too much. We’ll tell you all about what’s in and why. Well, we’ve seen how fashion (clothes, accessories, hair, shoes, etc.) has evolved into the celebration of individuality and breaking norms. Let’s face it, whenever we set eyes on something exceptionally out of the ordinary, or bold, whether it’s conventionally pretty or not, we tend to pause and admire it. Women’s accessory trends have now taken a similar turn!


We see unconventional shapes, sizes, colors and designs of all things we love; jewelry, handbags, belts, bracelets, watches, hair accessories, piercing rings, etc. 2017 is going to be an era of adventure, new experiments, fusions of different styles and expressing individuality through your accessories. Bundled bracelets are back, and wearing watches along with shiny bracelets with rhinestones are a great look to match with your plain dress, and still pull off the subtle “bling-bling” look we all die for!

Bracelets-women’s accessoriesBracelets








Studs are more popular than ever and without a doubt, loved by all! In fact, they have made progress from bracelets and jewelry to other accessories: handbags, shoes, clothes etc. Yes, studded handbags are all the rage. They’re Christian Louboutins’ personal favorite! Louboutins’ studded handbags and stilettoes are absolutely stunning.


Animal Prints:

Amongst the classiest of styles lies animal print accessories; shoes, bags, hats, even animal print glasses, etc. Wearing animal print will immediately make you look spicier, bold and fun, all the things girls want to be! Especially leopard prints in various colors have now emerged to be one of the most beloved and enduring trend!

animal print bag


Miniature Handbags

The most unconventional and endearing trend this year, however, is the minute handbags that are just mere accessories, and a little less practical than regular sized handbags, but more adorable and classy. Many leading brands such as Marc Jacobs and Valentino are now big on these tiny handbags, as can be seen in their catalogs, and all over the internet. Who knows? Maybe this will come to be the new handbag trend, and we’ll end up getting accustomed to it.




Choker Necklaces:

Our favorite trend of the late 70’s is back! Choker necklaces that lay snug around your throat are extremely classy and sexy! They have started coming in elaborate, modernized styles, and go beautifully with the very in off-shoulder dresses and tops that are currently a hit around the globe. Try these, they look beautiful!

Choker Necklaces-women’s accessories

Author: Aymen Mazhar

Fashion Content Writer