Contrary to the popular belief, Fashion Industry in Pakistan is booming with time. Pakistan is now known to be one of the leading fashion hubs of Asia. A noticeable number of Pakistani designers have successfully showcased their creations on international fashion platforms and have been appreciated for the effort, craft and design they put in their pieces. This has further accelerated the growth of our fashion industry and not just financially but in all spectrum. Pakistani brands now have a global presence.

Growing trend of social media marketing has brought tremendous business to the local brands. In Pakistan, people are very much into designer wear now as a huge number of competent contemporary designers have jumped on the bandwagon. We here at are going to list down top 5 fashion designers in Pakistan who have come all the way to achieve both national and international success.

Top 5 Fashion Designers in Pakistan


Fashion Designers

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin was declared as the King of Couture by one of the best international fashion magazines, Harprer Bazaar for all the right reasons. He started his career as a fashion choreographer and has worked his way up to become one of the most celebrated artists of Pakistan’s fashion industry. HSY couture house has now 14 outlets worldwide.
HSY is known for his aesthetic sense of creating a beautiful fusion of eastern wear with western cuts and silhouettes. Here are some of the best creations by HSY.

Deepak Perwani

Fashion Designers

Deepak Perwani is a fashion designer and an actor. He belongs to the Hindu-Sikh community of Pakistan. Deepak Perwani is one of the oldest names in the Pakistan fashion scene. Famous for his heavily embroidered luxury formal wear, Deepak Perwani has made his creations stand out on international forums. Deepak Perwani also has a brand that caters in casual wear by the name of Zeniya.
He knows the art of working with various types of embroideries with their respective complimenting colour palette and crafting elegant traditional formal wear.

Bunto Kazmi

Fashion Designers


Bunto Kazmi is a name synonymous with grace and grandeur. She is one of the most respected designers in Pakistan. Her creations are timeless with a depiction of beautiful Mughal designs, conventional embroideries, and rich colors.
Bunto Kazmi is on the top of the wish list for Pakistani Brides when it comes to bridal wear though you need to book an appointment 6-9 months prior to your wedding if you want to wear her creation as she works with a selective clientele and is mostly booked.

Nomi Ansari

Fashion Designers

Funky colors with conventional embroideries are what Nomi Ansari is known for. Nomi Ansari has gathered great acclamation for his creations internationally in the past 5 years. From party wear to luxe bridal wear, there is a huge variety of designs that can please your aesthetics from this fashion house. His creations illustrates a kaleidoscope of colors with intricate details and precision. Nomi Ansari is growing to become one of the most globally celebrated designers of Pakistan.

Ali Xeeshan

Fashion Designers

Ali Xeeshan is known for creating a mélange of eccentricity with traditional designs. His dresses have monuments, sceneries, paintings and intricately embroidered fashion, cultural and historical figures with gold tilla and wires. His unique sense of accessorizing the dresses he creates with unconventional stuff turn heads of fashion fanatics all over the world. Ali Xeeshan has made his name in the international fashion community in a very short period of time. Here are some of his awe inspiring creations.

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