Sale on brands were seen online and in retail stores, recently. We noticed a few of the local brands running crazy advertisements through different channels and raising the level of excitement among the audience. However, when we looked into the depth of these Sales, we were TRULY DISAPPOINTED!

Like how can someone do such a thing to their beloved fans? If these renowned brands continue to fool their potential and regular customers this way, no one would bother checking their stores. Raising the bar for the big brand sale is not an easy task to deal with.


Bonanza Satrangi:

Apart from the awesome fabric Bonanza uses for the dresses, we noticed that their Facebook advertisement mentioned that the Sale begins on 9th September and same goes for their billboard that we spotted in Lahore. However, it was nowhere mentioned that it is a ONE-DAY SALE! Another major disappointment from Bonanza was seen on the billboard that clearly stated that the Sale was to be held in Emporium Mall and Packages Mall ONLY! What a mood-spoiler! The case was similar in other cities where the Sale was only held in a mall or two. On the 10th of September, we noticed a few frustrated customers who were actually pissed off at this strategy – A Gent’s kurta that costs 4,990 PKR was being sold for 2,495 PKR but JUST FOR ONE DAY! The next day the prices were back to normal and no one was happy! So, Bonanza, try to mention all the details on your Facebook ads or billboards the next time you conduct sales.


WARDA Outlet – Emporium Mall


For a change, we were actually impressed with Warda’s Summer Clearance Sale. The brand offered up to 70% off for a change and we were overwhelmed to see that there were actually clothes in the stores that were 50% and 70% off, rather than those brands that claim to put up 70% Off but only have stock for the 10% Off lot. Sigh. Horrifying we must say. Warda’s Sale will continue until the stock lasts, both in stores and online! So hurry up and grab your favorite pieces in store and online before they run out of stock, one of the major issues of the big brand sale, they’re never fully stocked.



Another big brand sale seen was of one of the favorite brands of all times, Khaadi. It is fitting to add that the Sale is exclusively held online and that too for two days only. Khaadi conducting the sale in order to promote their revamped website! And here comes the disappointing part – When we logged into the website the first day, most of the stock was gone! *heartbreak moment* Furthermore, even today the website was not stocked up fully. Even if you found your favorite design, you wouldn’t find your size. What we mean to highlight here is that if you are going to conduct sales, then at least restock your website for the next day! Or announce that limited stock is available.

Zeen Outlet – Emporium Mall



With just a few outlets, Zeen has managed to make its way among the well-known brands! There is no doubt that their fabric, print and stitching is impressive, which is why we were eager to see their Summer Clearance Sale, which clearly displayed up to 50% off! But then again, it wasn’t surprising to see Zeen working their strategy like the rest of the sale on brands by distributing their clothes into two categories – The 20% lot and the 30% lot, which even consisted a few accessories. Yes, we did spot a lot of dresses that fall under the 50% category but to our surprise, (yes this was a surprise) they were from the WINTER COLLECTION! We should probably come up with a new word for such disappointments.

Kross Kulture:

Still crawling its way out the shadows, Kross Kulture is one hit brand that conduct sales like no other! We were simply awestruck when we saw their dresses and how well they were segregated, especially the trousers. Up-to-date and stylish trousers starting from 900 PKR ONLY! However, we were not impressed with the dresses as much. The prices were awesome, no doubt, but the prints on sale were not catchy enough. But since their trousers are SOOOO DAMN GOOD, we decided to relief them of our disappointment. Way to go – You’re safe!


East Breakout:

Emerged from the all-time famous brand, Breakout, East Breakout knocked every other sale out the park! FLAT 50%!! SERIOUSLY? This was one major news for all of us shopping enthusiasts. Trousers, scarves, unstitched 3-piece suits, and what not! All at half-price! We weren’t even disappointed at this big brand sale, until we found a few of our favorite pieces out of stock. Can you imagine the level of desperation and despair? If you’re choosy like us then you would know how hard it is to finally love something. The clothes that were too cheap had quality issues. It literally felt like we would wash it for once and the color of the fabric will fade out. Apart from this, unlike the other sale on brands, East Breakout still has a few good pieces available in every size. So don’t miss this big brand sale if you still haven’t checked it out!

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