Summer gorgeous clothing trends!

Summer is all about swims, gorgeous tans and bright, floral prints. However, not all of us share that optimism when it comes to the blistering heat! Having to wear more than two layers of clothing is more or less a taboo. The question remains, how to pull off a look that’ll leave people gazing after you without having to do or wear too much? Fear it no more: these trendy summer attires will save the day.

Get your super chic look with loosely fitted jumpsuits, tunics, Crop Tops, Off shoulder tops, dungarees, skirts and peasant tops this summer!


While the choice of going utra-hip with these ideas is perfectly suited to the summer weather, it is also easily achieved with the help of this low maintenance semi-formal dress code that will unquestionably set you apart from the usual Tee’s and khaki’s everyone’s going to be aiming for this spring.




Peasant Tops:

Peasant tops are a perfect fit for summers as they give you a dressy look without having to layer up, while holding up a beach look. Match these with your preferred flowing skirt, or ripped jeans and perhaps a hat, and you’re set! Keep the colors cool and light and you’ll achieve the perfect summer look.




Jumpsuits are going huge again, and this year they’re even prettier: with a graceful fit and a variety of pant lengths! Why jumpsuits a well-received summer are perfect for summer across the globe?  Because a major upside to jumpsuits is that they’re a complete makeover; all you do is pull one on and you’re ready for your day out in the sun! Aim for monotone floral prints with bright, striking colors to beat the heat and look exquisite!


Skirts are the iconic summer clothing item, and they come in countless shapes and sizes. Pair a long skirt with your favorite tank top, T shirt or off shoulder crop top to accomplish a completely different and graceful look this summer; and guess what? It’ll make you look tall and lean, the summer body we all want.


Tunics are yet another hit! Layer up without actually feeling overwhelmed by the sun! These chic pull-over tunics are light and summery; whether they’re ankle length or merely reaching your waistband. A nice pull-over tunic to contrast with your flip-flops will certainly complete your look and give you a formal air that we strive for so passionately in summers, when casual Tee’s seem not to cut it.

Off Shoulders:

Last on the list, cold shoulder and off shoulder tops that were especially made for summers! This subtly gorgeous style will earn you a downright formal look. Pick a plain off shoulder top for a glamorous dinner, match it with a high rise fitted jeans, fine piece of jewelry on the neck and stilettoes, and look drop-dead-gorgeous. Kendall Jenner looks stunning in her semi-formal off shoulder top, with a grace that is held on by her gorgeous heels!


Follow these ideas and work your way through a classy summer this year, turn heads and stand out from amongst the crowd!

Author: Nida Zeb

Experienced Fashion Writer