Huda Beauty Matte Liquid Lipstick Vault Dupe

You must have heard people around you bragging about Huda beauty matte liquid lipsticks and for all the right reasons. They have one of the best matte liquid lipstick formula plus that vanilla caramel scent coming out of each lipstick makes you feel like munching on it before applying it on your actual lips. Recently, *not exactly recently* but in recent months we have noticed that people are in fact opting for dupes of the middle to high-end brands’ products instead of the original. Well we won’t say they are at fault because the high-end brands cost a lot and in Pakistan, they come with additional custom/duty charges which turns a 32$ product into a 5000PKR product *Not Fair*

In no way, we are promoting dupes. We are doing it just for the sake of review since the dupes of Huda beauty matte liquid lipsticks are floating all over the internet and they are counted as one of the best liquid lipsticks in the market. See, our main aim at Stitchfit is to keep our audience updated with all that is going on in the beauty and fashion scene, and we take it as a responsibility to bring to you authentic content mainly to engage with our loves (yes we are talking about you) and educate you about stuff so that you don’t have to go out and spend money on anything that is not worth it, we keep that hassle and hustle for ourselves.

You should check our sales section where we are putting all of our efforts in bringing to you the best picks *handpicked* from all the ongoing sales. Anyway, back to the present topic! We happened to put our hands on the Huda beauty matte liquid Lipstick Vault which was a complete set of all her individual matte liquid lipsticks.


The packaging of the dupe Huda beauty liquid lipstick vault was wholly made out of cheap cardboard and didn’t feel fancy. But then again, what really matters is the formula of the actual lipsticks and what degree of resemblance do they hold against the original Huda beauty matte liquid lipsticks so, *Moving on*


We are starting off with all the shades swatches. Below are the pictures, taken with flash and without flash.

Huda beauty matte liquid lipstick
Huda beauty matte liquid lipstick swatches

After 4 hours

We are inserting another picture of a rather rough set of the swatch, it was taken 4 hours after the swatches took place. Notice how the shades appear patchy and uneven as they are faded. *Not cool*

Huda beauty liquid lipstick swatches – after 4 hours

Huda beauty matte liquid lipsticks Lip Swatch

Here we are inserting your most awaited lip swatches of the Trendsetter matte liquid lipstick. It is a peachy brown color with pink undertones. This was one of our favorite shades. It came out more pinkish in the picture though *because it was applied over Gossip Girl*. The comparison doesn’t end here! We will insert a swatch of the Original Huda beauty liquid lipstick in Trendsetter for our readers. *scroll along*

Huda beauty matte liquid lipstick in Gossip girl

The other lip swatch is of shade Video Start. It is a neon fuschia pink, this can be called a perfect barbie shade and the swatch did justice to it.

Huda beauty matte liquid lipstick swatch in Video Star

And here are you awaited swatches of the original Huda beauty matte liquid lipsticks in Trendsetter and Icon

Huda beauty original matte liquid lipsticks swatch in Trendsetter and Icon

After 2 hours of application

To our surprise the lipstick started to crumble right after an hour of initial application, not a good sign right! And below is the picture of 2 hours into application and after consuming a cup of tea. You’ll be the judge now!

Huda beauty matte liquid lipstick in the shade Famous – After 2 hours of application

Final Verdict


The lipstick glides on smoothly but it requires 2 to 3 applications for the color to show properly and the pigment to cover the patches. The wand of the dupe is something which disappointed us. See the picture below

Maybe only this piece was broken but it indeed was not a nice sight.

Staying power

Okay so this was something we were most concerned about and to no surprise, the staying power was below average. The lipstick stayed for the whole day around the lines of the lips but it crumbled from between the lips and left a white patch within 2 – 3 hours of initial application.

Resemblance to the Original

Some shades from the dupes were way too off as to their original counter lipsticks. The scent, packaging of each lipstick and color payoff was surprisingly pretty accurate.


We are going to rate the dupes at 3.5/5

Will any of us purchase it again? Maybe not.

*You can find this product from a number of online sellers. We purchased the Huda beauty matte liquid lipstick vault from

*Update – You might not be able to find this particular product on for now as they are making some changes in the website. 

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