Fenty Beauty is what the recent hype is about these days. But is it just the hype or the cool marketing campaigns? Or are the products really worth buying? Rihanna has really outdone herself while coming up with the ideas that form this beauty line. We were simply mesmerized when we first came across the first look of the launch. Even though Rihanna is known for her funky style and trend-setting fashion, the packaging of the products do not reflect her personality in her songs! But was the audience disappointed? NOT AT ALL! The shimmer sticks, however, are magnetic and can stick together – How cool is that?

The unique shape she chose is quite impressive, however, we think that the font style and overall look of the packaging is somewhat similar to Kim Kardashian West’s makeup line. Both celebrities have played their part well in the designing of their respective makeup, not to forget Kylie’s extremely famous makeup. Coming back to RiRi’s contribution into the world of beauty, it is quite enthralling to see that she went for the broader aspect, covering many parts of the makeup world that most other makeup brands failed to cover – And that is makeup for brown skin!

Sure there were brands that launched products for the darker-skinned girls, but not to the extent that Rihanna has gone to, and makeup for fair skin was mostly seen in the markets. She paid special attention to the beauty needs of every individual as she mentioned in an interview with the Press on the launch – “That was really important, for me, for every product. I kept saying, ‘There needs to be something for a dark-skinned girl, there needs to be something for a pale girl, there needs to be something for everyone in between.” Oh RiRi, you certainly have our hearts and warm wishes with you.

You might want to take note that Fenty Beauty is a high-end makeup brand, so you may want to think twice before spending. We have segregated three of the best and three of the not-so-impressive products so that you can find what’s best for you without wasting money on something that is not.

What to Buy:

Fenty Beauty


Yes – The 40-shade foundations made us go gaga too! When Rihanna said that she has something in store for everyone, she wasn’t kidding on this one. She has actually proved that there is always a shade for everyone, and made all the other brands, that think that dark-colored foundations can’t sell well, look bad. Her foundations can be found from alabaster to the deepest rich brown shade that you can imagine! Apart from the shade extravaganza, the quality is not compromised at all and it offers a lightweight coverage, which is excellent for everyday wear. Foundation for dark skin is more than a hassle to find as compared to makeup for fair skin. Oh and let’s not forget the precision makeup sponge, unlike the beauty blender, it has a flat side which helps you blend in that foundation seamlessly.


The pressed, cream highlighters, or as Rihanna calls them KILLAWATT, were rather different than the other highlighters that we have seen before. Our favorites are (obviously) Trophy Wife! What intensity! What Pigmentation! But but but, that doesn’t mean that we ignored the rest of the shades. Other than the freestyle highlighters, Fenty Beauty also has Match Stix, which can be categorized in both, makeup for fair skin and makeup for brown skin. The colors Confetti, Starstruck, and RIDIIIC are worth a try and quite unique than the mainstream gold and silver shimmer shades of highlighters that we normally see and wear.

Blotting Powder:

Before we praise this fabulous creation, let’s take a moment to appreciate the existence of this product. Having oily or combination skin means having to deal with heaps and heaps of oil on the face, even after the application of a translucent powder or face powder, you could notice the oil on the face a few hours after the application. But with the introduction of the blotting powder, as the Fenty Beauty site says in the product description: “A universal blotting powder that absorbs shine and diffuses the look of pores for an instant filtered look on the fly.” – Which clearly states that we can make ourselves look less oily on the go! Making foundation for dark skin was one thing, but creating this marvelous formula is actually a lifesaver for everyone!

Fenty Beauty

What Not to Buy:

Match Stix Trio:

Sad to say that the Match Stix Trio wasn’t the best choice made by RiRi. The trio costs $54, which is A LOT! It comes in 4 choices, where the concealer, contour and highlight are paired up according to 4 different skin tones. But then again, since the product is SOOO expensive, people expect it to last for a longer while. By judging the size of the products, we noticed that they would not last for long, unlike other high-end makeup brands. Makeup for brown skin was the main focus of Rihanna, probably which is why she took 2 years to design and launch the products. But even then, the shades magnetized together do not seem to go together.

Gloss Bomb:

The Universal Lip Luminizer – Gloss Bomb was specifically designed by Rihanna after close concentration so that it can look flawless on every skin tone. Here comes to ‘Not Buying’ part – No doubt it has an ‘explosive’ shine to it, but then again, what’s so different about it? We fail to see what the hype is about for this product. An extensive range of foundation for dark skin was a great initiative, but this rose gold nude gloss did not woo us in any way. Sorry Rihanna. The market of lipsticks is quite competitive and every new emerging brand has to take note of the needs of the market and the people they’re dealing with. We would like to see something new in the next attempt! But yes, we love the quality!


Last but not the least, let’s jump into the one thing that is essential before the entire makeup application is processed. A primer’s basic job is to diffuse pores and mattify the shine on the face so that the foundation sets impeccably. With countless makeup brands in the market, it is one heck of a job to come up with a product that leaves all the others behind. The PRO FILT’R Instant Retouch Primer is not something that we would call ‘Too good to be true’. It is a normal primer, like any drugstore product. People really need a reason to spend $32 on a primer, when they can get a similar one for $4 of any drugstore makeup brand.

Fenty Beauty

Unlike the other brands of the world, RiRi took every skin tone in mind rather than going with the norm and making makeup for fair skin. You know you are an official makeup junkie when you can’t resist getting your hands on the freshly stocked makeup in the market, especially when it is launched by one of your favorite artists! The overall rating and quality experience of Fenty Beauty makes it worth a try. Just make sure to know where to spend your bucks and spend them wisely!

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