Expensive earrings

expensive earringsAre you crazy enough to buy these earrings? For sure, No,

but someone just bought the most expensive earrings yet. These shiny tiny women apparels are something out of this world and every girl will agree on it.

These big pearl earrings set the fire after being most expensive earrings on the planet for $57.4 million only at auction on Tuesday.

The blue and pink pear-shaped diamonds, named Apollo and Artemis bought by the anonymous buyer.

The pair of the earrings considered to be much more expensive hence sold separately but

bought by single buyer — the blue for over $42 million and the pink for over $15 million.

The rare diamond earring Apollo blue is said to be the “largest internally flawless fancy vivid blue diamond ever to be offered at auction,” according to Sotheby’s.

Blue and pink diamond earrings of 14.54-carat gem earned a rare grading of 11b,

which is considered to be the 1 percent of the total diamond available in the world.

in the meantime The 16-carat Artemis pink was classified as an 11a diamond, “the most chemically pure” of its kind.



Author: Nida Zeb

Experienced Fashion Writer

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