This is a guide to things you should do on festivals like Eid. Since Eid-ul-fitr is almost here, we are going to guide you to a perfect look and help you with the things you should do on Eid. You might know all this before but it’s a reminder so that you should get yourself well prepared for this Eid.

Eid getup

  1. Hold on Eid Rehearsal at least 2 to 3 nights before Eid

This would be the best advice to each and everyone out there! Hold on your Eid rehearsal 2 or 3 nights before Eid. Try on your Eid clothes for the safe side to check if they could be worn on Eid day. Satisfy yourself completely by trying your clothes and if you find anything wrong you can get them change before Eid.

Eid getup

  1. Iron clothes the night before the Eid

You should definitely prepare your Eid outfit and shoes a night before Eid day. Men have to go for the Eid prayers early in the morning so they should be prepared the night before. So that they don’t have to rush to the mosque in the morning. If you’re living in Pakistan, you can never trust on the light!

Eid getup


  1. Wear traditional clothes

No offense, but Eid is the festival that Muslims celebrate and it is celebrated by all the traditional customs. So, every Muslim should wear traditional clothes on the Eid day. As we are Pakistani, our traditional outfit is Shalwar-Kameez but every Muslim should wear clothes of their tradition.

Eid getup

Eid getup


4. Waistcoats and Shawls:

Since shalwar kameez is a traditional dress and men wear it on the casual basis as well. So, to give yourself a formal look you can wear waistcoats and shawl on shalwar kameez. That will look very formal and classy.


Eid getup

Eid getup

  1. Perfume is necessary:

Please, men! You gotta wear your favorite perfume on because it’s a must. Men have to offer prayer and since its summers so you have to think about other people too. No doubt, people put perfumes and fragrance on for themselves but people who forget to do that should definitely think about others.

Eid getup

  1. Peshawari chappal or khusas:

Peshawari chappal or khusas look the best with shalwar kameez. So you can make your looking more traditional with a chappal or a khusa.

Eid getup


These are the things men should avoid wearing and doing on Eid

  1. Western clothes is not the right choice

Men should try avoiding western clothes. Since it’s an Islamic festival men should wear traditional clothes but if they are bound to wear western clothes for some reason they should.

  1. Untidy clothes? Naah!!

You got to check your dress a night before the Eid. Even if you didn’t get new clothes, your Eid dress should be very tidy and well-ironed. Buying new dress for Eid is not necessary.

  1. Sneakers with traditional clothes? Don’t!

Sneakers with traditional clothes are a huge HUGE NO! No doubt, men love to wear sneakers and if they could, they would wear them with anything. But wearing sneakers with shalwar kameez is such a bad idea, I swear!

  1. Square toe shoes with traditional clothes

Ughh no! yeez! Square toe shoes with traditional clothes like shalwar kameez is so out of trend. The shoes look very old-fashioned and totally unsuitable with your clothes.

  1. Multicolor Kurtas

Multicolor clothes for men were never in trend.  Men need to know that they should keep their clothes as simple as they can because multicolor is not classy and cool. The simpler and one tone the dress is the more it looks graceful.

  1. Baggy clothes

Baggy clothes are the fashion disaster and awful trend especially for men. Men should forbid wearing baggy clothes. When we talk about traditional clothes, baggy shalwar kameez seems like a nightwear and less like a formal and sensible dress. They can wear loose-fitted clothes if they don’t feel comfortable in fitted clothes. Especially for a festive look, baggy clothes are very unsuitable. Men should go a more formal and graceful look on Eid and other festivals.

  1. Too much fragrance

No matter how much we love perfumes and fragrances but too much is also a pain in head. Men do like wearing high concentrated perfumes but they should avoid putting on too much perfume. Keeping the fact in mind that other people might have problems like migraine or allergic to perfumes.

These were few things that men should do and shouldn’t do this Eid-ul-fitr.

I hope this helped you! please give us your feedback and let us know if there’s any question. Do give us your suggestions for our next blog post!

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