Western apparel has been appreciated in the Pakistani society since the past few years or so. The importance and appreciation of western wear online has grown from universities to office wear, increasing the number of brands that are operating simultaneously to provide us with the best quality dresses, tops, jeans, and so on.

Western apparel

Men or women, western is the dress code that is excelling everywhere, unless you’re working at a software house that is full-on desi, because that’s now how burger offices work these days. And it is not compulsory that you have to be a LUMS, LSE student to sport the all-time favorite western attire for men and women. Let’s keep GCU and NUST out of this conversation – No offense. Getting back to point, in order to sport western trends and to mold it according to your Pakistani fashion sense, you have to check out the following brands and work your thing! :

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I understand that you might be wondering that how can the word/brand ‘Mantra’ fulfill your Pakistani-Western fashion appetite? Well then the answer to your concern is in the question itself. If it’s a Pakistani-Western wear trend that you want to sport then why not put your Pakistani mind into the game? Mantra operates one of the most sophisticated customer services for western wear online that you can order from the comfort of your own home (or work, LOL). If, for instance, you want to see the quality and their quirky styles in person, then you can check their outlets as well. The outlets are currently present in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, respectively. So make sure to put a mantar on your dressing style the next time you search for western apparel.


It never hurts to play with your wardrobe a little. However, as far as your office environment is concerned, yeah I wouldn’t advise you to do the practical there. But, if you have a few parties coming then, then why not go for Quiz clothing! Quiz, like Mantra, is full of ladies western wear and can surely satisfy your needs. You might want to take note that Quiz is relatively an expensive brand, since it’s the franchise of a UK brand, so make sure to know your budget before you pick out one of their gorgeous dresses. Oh and if you must, then don’t forget to check their, cold shoulder and off-shoulder tops because it is something that you JUST CANNOT MISS!


Speaking of expensive brands, how can we forget that MANGO has launched a couple of outlets here in Pakistan – Hayeee! As if the joy of having ZARA at Enem Mall was not enough (please understand the sarcasm in this sentence). Now if you reallyyyyy want to look classy for that upcoming meeting with a fancy US client, then MANGO is your store to-go! You will find anything and everything that suits your personality, even if its classy western attire for men. If you can’t find the time to rush to the store to check out what you actually want, then try their website, because you would probably find more variety online than in their outlet. As far as the ladies western wear is concerned, you can find an extensive range of sophisticated, quirky and quality clothing at MANGO!

Western apparel

So ladies and gentlemen, if you’re looking for the right western apparel, make sure to check these brands and their respective websites out so that you can pick your outfit from the best stores in Pakistan!

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