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Kylie cosmetics is one of the world’s most influential cosmetics brands. The brand made its name in the world without any initial hassle, somewhat similar to Fenty Beauty, which is yet another beauty line by a celebrity. Kylie Jenner, a 20-year old multimillionaire, launched the extravagant makeup products in 2016.

It is not surprising to say that Kylie cosmetics are one of the best cosmetic products found around the globe, mainly because of the endless fame of the Kardashians and the Jenners. Here are a few of the extensive range of the best beauty products by Kylie Jenner:

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Out of all the best cosmetic products present in the world, Kylie stands out with her spectacular Royal Peach palette. It is the best Kyshadow palette that she has ever launched up till today. I’m definitely a fan of the rest of her eye makeup collection but this one in particular has my heart. The ‘Take Me on Vacation’ palette was not one of her best Kyshadows but can we just take a moment to praise her birthday collection? The ‘I Want It All’ Palette is beautiful beyond words with a cute little heart mirror that catches my fancy! Plus, how can I forget to mention the extraordinary yummylicious Burgundy Palette that consists of the perfect matte and glittery Kyshadows to make you drool.

Kylie cosmetics


Apart from all the fancy Kyshadows, Kylie’s highlighters are also equally admirable. No doubt her products are among the best beauty products in the world, but maintaining a reputation can be a difficult task. Before I begin to praise her kylighters, I must add that her Koko Kollection Face Palette left me in awe! It is the perfect palette with a mixture of a warm pink blush, a shimmery soft gold illuminator, a shimmery golden peach highlight and a medium bronzer.

The Wet Set pressed illuminating powder is also one of my favorites that has all the yummy shades of highlights in one kit. The Skinny Dip Kit, also from the Vacation collection, is mesmerizing. Matlab how can a girl not be a highlight fanatic? However, I’m certainly not a fan of her blush collection as they are overpriced and there’s nothing new with the colors. Speaking of colors, running back to my highlight fancy, the Ultra Glow loose highlight is sooooo pigmented that you would simply lose it. Plus, it stays on ALL DAY LONG! YES IT DOES!

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And now, coming to my favorite part of makeup *drumrolls* LIPSTICKS! Kylie Jenner lip kit – The words that can give you access to my heart (CHEESY LINE ALERT). I’m sure all of us girls are guilty for secretly loving Kylie Jenner lip kits, no matter how mainstream or how loud or funky the shades are. First off is the ultimate monstrous shade June Bug, which comes with a lip liner too. It is an AH-MAZING striking purple matte liquid lipstick that only bold girls can spot. JK. I wouldn’t mind paying 30$ for this beauty! Then again, we do pay almost the same amount for a MAC lipstick, then why not this.

Moving on, Kristen is also one of the best sellers by Kylie cosmetics, and why shouldn’t it be? Kristen can go well with everything! Known for sporting nude lip colors with a sassy makeup look, the Send Me More Nudes matte liquid lipsticks collection is inspired by Kylie’s signature look, and do the girls like it? THEY LOVE IT! The four liquid lipsticks are the perfect shades of nude that can complement every skin tone.

Kylie cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics in Pakistan:

We know how difficult it can be for one to get their hands on an “Original” Kylie product living in Pakistan. You either have to spend more than its actual worth or you have to call in your aunty, uncle, phupo, khala, living in the US or Canada to bring a few products for you on their way to Pakistan. However, there are a few websites in Pakistan that deliver the Kylie Jenner lip kit and other products of this brand all over the country. But then again, make sure that you’re dealing with the website that sells original products.

You can check out some of the authentic pages on Instagram and Facebook to order Kylie cosmetics in Pakistan. Make sure to check their reviews first. Furthermore, I’m keeping my hopes up for the upcoming Fall Collection by Kylie cosmetics! Can’t wait. Can’t wait.

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