Best handbags are one of the most vital part of one’s personality. Either carried as an accessory or used as a bag that carries the things that you need to take with you everywhere, you need to get the perfect bag that suits your fashion needs while providing you with the facility that you need.

It is not always compulsory for you to carry designer bags to look fabulous. Plus, they can cost a lot! So, what to do when you have to go out on a fancy dinner but you don’t want to hold your phone the entire time and want to keep your lipstick with you at all times. Khana bhi tou khana hota hai, duh. The best handbags for women can be found online as well as in the retail outlets of many brands.

Best handbags

Best Handbags for Women:

If you’re somewhat like me, you would relate to the fact that us girls need to carry lipstick, debit/credit card and mobile (of course) wherever we go. So why choose the bag that doesn’t offer much space over the one that is fancy yet spacious?

To make things easier for you, we are providing you with the ultimate handbag list that we can swear by! P.S: We have personally used and inspected some of the bags from the given list, so you can totally rely on us in this regard.

Sapphire – Even the name sends chills down my spine. This pastel pink cross-body bag is something that you can use to flush out those Monday blues. This particular handbag tops our handbag list due to it’s pretty color (and price). Apart from that, how adorable can it get? To shop for this bag or any other from their extensive range, go to

Best handbags

Another one of my favorite handbags for women is this pebbled cross-body bag from Mango. It’s decent, sophisticated and spacious – All for 2,990 PKR! Agree or not, it is always difficult to find designer bags at such an amazing cost. So what are you waiting for? Go to to shop for this classy bag! Plus, its available in 5 other colors as well! (Happy dance)

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It’s really been a while since we mentioned any of Breakout’s items on our blog site. Coming back to the best handbags list, I would definitely recommend you this bag for your evening and morning hangouts with friends. Why? Because it’s A-DO-RA-BLE! Don’t miss the pom pom on the side! This cute bundle of (goth) joy will cost you 2,490 PKR Only!!! Oh and I know it’s small but it can fit in your phone and a lipstick easily, but not a wallet. Sorry girls, you’d have to carry your card or cash out rough with it. Go to to find this cutie patootie!

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