“LIGHTS, CAMERA..GLAMOUR!” it’s the aroma of class and style. But do you think all that glamor we see onscreen is real?  Think again, bro! The stars may seem to be glamorous onscreen-always giving us obsession of their sensations and major goals to be like them. But what about their off-screen appearance? Did you ever think about that? Nobody really thinks about that because we usually forget the fact that what we see on tv is not what the reality is like. The reality of all those on screen fashionistas is totally opposite! Most of them just roam around in basic tees and casual pants.

But instead of criticizing all those celebrities, can we just appreciate the real life star who’s stealing all the floors of fashion and talents! Yes, undoubtedly, that’s the one and only Mahira Khan!!

Mahira Khan is that one in thousand celebs, who’s not just an onscreen glamorous star but a real living fashionista as well-from her casual day to the red carpet. She’s always giving everyone some major style inspirations. Literally, Mahira Khan has never disappointed anybody through her fashion skills. Check out few of her casual looks, which will do fair to my words:


Mahira Khan is the never-aging fashion icon. Her eternal looks, versatility, humble nature and intellectual beauty make her different from an others-The girl is called beauty with brains. Fashion is a language that speaks for itself and she has all the features that a fashion icon should have. Setting her own style statement, Mahira Khan has won millions of hearts. Take a look through her trendsetting red carpet style:

Not only this, but Mahira Khan had to face an every girl’s dream-come-true moment when Mahira Khan went to Beirut to attend a Beirut award show, where she was awarded as the best-dressed actress. Undoubtedly, Mahira Khan deserved that award and she actually did fare to that award by stunning everybody through her tempting looks and the dreamy white Nicolas Jebran gown from his spring 2017 collection. Have a look:


I guess i need no more words to explain the eternal beauty and fashion diva Mahira Khan. Her style statement that she has set bars to and is still managing to maintain, gives volume to her fashion skills.

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