Ongoing Sale, something that you would hear often in every corner of the country these days. Why? Because everyone is getting ready for the coming season. Brace yourselves, winter is coming. (I’m not even guilty for quoting Game of Thrones here.) But first thing’s first, as honest as we are to you, we won’t let you miss out any best online sales and retail ones, so that you can keep your shopping enthusiast side happy and contented. Aren’t we nice? *Blushing*

Moving on, we went for another round of the crazy sales, the ones that are not seeming to come to an end, and we didn’t know which wall to hit our head with first. Plus, it wasn’t surprising for us to see ABSOLUTELY NO CROWD going crazy over the lot displayed at the stores. Why? Because there was nothing there to adore. Let us share our experience with you and we’re pretty sure that you can relate to it.

Ongoing Sale

Enem Mall:

A booming announcement of “Up to 50% Off” on DHA & Liberty Enem Stores was recently made. Only thinking about all those international brands going on sale made us drool and so WE HAD TO check it out, for research purposes of course (LOL). There was off on sunglasses by brands from around the globe; any fancy name that you can think of. Oh and don’t forget, the sale was ‘Up To’ so we didn’t keep our hopes up. Other than that, there was sale on bags and shoes by Dune, which is wayyyy too expensive for a common man to afford. I mean, 31,000 PKR on sale! Seriously?

Ongoing Sale
What we picked.

We checked out the basement and saw a number of Forever 21 and ZARA apparel on sale. Talk about originality. The prices were so low that we couldn’t control ourselves KNOWING that it was not original (maybe). Nevertheless, Enem could’ve done better than this. Oh and did you know that they also had an exquisite sale on Kid’s apparel? Check it out if you haven’t.

Ongoing Sale


So our next stop was Quiz on MM Alam road. No one wants to miss an End of Season Sale and that too up to 50% off! The ongoing sale was definitely worth the visit. As we stepped inside the dream closet of every shopaholic, we couldn’t help but pick up a few items that kept our shopping animal contented. We must add that it is one of the better sales going on now, but not the best.

Ongoing Sale
Our pick from the Sale.

There was off on a few good items, no doubt, but what we didn’t like was that a few articles on sale did not have all the colors on sale. It was a major turn off to see their strategy.

Ongoing Sale
We spotted this beautiful, elegant dress on sale but the same dress in the color white was not on sale.

On the other hand, most of their shoes are on Flat 50% Sale so make sure to check it out before they run out of stock. You can also check their website and we can be sure that it would be one of the best online sales that you come across these days. Check their website here.


HOBO by HUB, naam tou suna he hoga! We heard that HUB is conducting a huge sale up to 70% off and so, all we needed was a drive and a debit card (backed up by a full bank account, hayee). The articles on sale were pretty, no doubt about that. The price list was a little astonishing because you normally can’t buy a HUB shoe at the price that they were offering on sale. However, the newest designs on sale were 10% off, whereas, their previous, old lot were in the 50%, 60% and 70% lot.

Ongoing Sale
Check out these bags *heart emoji* Aren’t they cute?
Take a look at these. Gotta love these babies, right?

However, we were not impressed with their online sale today as it only has a few pieces left and there are no signs of the stock being piled up again – But the overall experience was satisfactory.

Ongoing Sale

Metro Shoes:

Famous for its affordability and the house of dupes for high-end branded bags and clutches, Metro shoes recently stepped into the list of disappointing brands. We came across this banner on their website that was clearly shouting that they have sales going on now. The sign or the entire website in general did not mention anywhere that the sale was confined to their online store only, which was misleading. We regarded it among the ongoing sale and paid a little visit to their exquisite store on MM Alam road. We weren’t much disappointed about the sale not being held in their retail outlet, but what we were more disappointed at was the lack of knowledge of the staff. None of them had any idea about the sale being conducted online, which clearly was not one of the best online sales.

Among all the sales going on now, there were quite a few that completely stole the show. But then again, all good things must come to an end. You too can check for the online sale today and let us know in the comments down below if we missed out on any sale, or if you want to contribute your take on the sale, we would be happy to feature it! Stay tuned to our blog to find out more on the ongoing sale!

Happy Shopping guys!

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