The day when you step into your professional life it is very difficult to maintain your health because you often don’t get free time to go to a gym or make yourself shakes and ultimately your health be the first area to suffer. Working at an office is surprisingly unhealthy as you are supposed to sit for prolonged periods of time which can lead you stomach disorder and can take a few years off your life. So, how about the idea of adding these top 5 simple activities in your daily routine to stay shiny, active and flawless all day long without feeling dizzy and un-fresh?

Be Alive and make yoga your morning friend


Studies have shown that adding yoga to your morning routine can prevent you from metabolic syndrome, heart attacks, diabetes, obesity and even cancer. Think of yoga the next moment as you open up your eyes in the morning and trust me it won’t takes more than 20mins – isn’t 20mins of yoga is more beneficial instead of a dull and unproductive day..? Yes, it is!

Treat Your Self with Flowers on Your Way to Office


What else can make your day than fresh daffodils or red roses may be? Flowers can brighten any windowsill and make your desk somewhere nice to be. Well, In case you wake up weary and sleepy, instead of a frustrated face – treat yourself with flowers on your way to the office so that it gets you back in the mood. Consider writing a small note ‘to you – from you’ and here you go nicely with your day.

Your Mind Required Exercise too


I know most of the people are not aware of the fact that not only your body but your mind needs some exercise too on daily basis. You perform all the simple as well as complicated tasks with the help of mind – you think before taking any decision and how could you if your mind is still there in bed? It’s better to take some time throughout the day to clear your head by sitting quietly at a peaceful place. It will help you to take better decisions and ultimately you are feeding your mind with a healthy exercise.

There is a lot of fun in being friends with your coworkers


We agree, that there are no friends at the workplace but being friends with them can actually make work a lot less stressful because sometimes all you need is a gossip therapy. Be friends with them and spend a quality productive day instead of dirty politics.

Last but not the least: Keep a water bottle at your workstation


One study found that by keeping your body hydrated you can actually stay active all day long – it will help fasten up your digesting system and prevent you from obesity. So, don’t forget to put a hand carry the water bottle at your workstation in order to keep yourself happy and healthy.

By following these tips we can guarantee you a good day now and forever.


Author: Nida Zeb

Experienced Fashion Writer

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